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Company provides transportation service for the clients in the IT industry has a history of more than ten years,Has a professional team,Service scope covers all transportation,Including the air freight 、railway、 express highway 、sending and storage。For some large electronics company to undertake most of the traffic。DCC classic case analysis:
Ingram micro 
The world's largest computer distributors, China headquarters in Shanghai, 23 cities across the country have branch offices。
Ingram micro companies in Beijing, guangzhou, Shanghai to chengdu four distribution center is established。
B TO B a logistics from the port of Shanghai and shenzhen two TO four distribution centers and 28 sales platform for process。
B TO C is from Shanghai, guangzhou, chengdu, Beijing four secondary logistics distribution center TO the national level agents and sales process of 23 sales platform。
Shenzhen area EPSON IBM, CISCO SONY AMP OEM chassis and the server。
Via shenzhen port customs clearance, entrust our closely cooperation, common use operating platform。
In the Shanghai area is given priority to with pudong jinqiao city and suzhou, cargo across the country。
HP main APC APPLE BAY COMPAQ and other network products。
Participate in YingMai product distribution logistics,Distribution logistics process。
We YingMai company through put of the country's 92%, the annual volume is between $12 million to $20 million。
For YingMai company 8 years。
Serving the YingMai KPI as follows:
On time delivery rate: 98 percentage;Breakage: 0.01 percentage;
Holiday response rate: 100 percentage;The receipt on time rate: 100 percentage
The national 23 distribution center completely meet the demand of client area radiation!

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