forwarding services
Forwarding services
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I am the Secretary for international logistics, international import and exportfreight forwarding, customs agents, customs agents, international shipping,international express, domestic logistics, freight forwarding, warehousing,settlement of integrated logistics service expert.
With the shipping companies, airlines, rail and road transport, international express, international freight forwarder and customs Proxy Companies have good relations of cooperation, while providing all aspects of service workon-site customs declaration for you and solutions.
We actively carry out international and domestic logistics service with high quality, attentive service, professional elite team, system, standard operating procedures, fair and reasonable price system and the integrity and efficient management in the domestic and foreign merchants to win a good reputation, has many well-known enterprises and institutions (such as: the world 500 strong enterprises at home and abroad, listing Corporation, banks, universities, medical institutions and relevant government departments and so on) provide comprehensive professional logistics and customs clearance services.

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