Logistics activity is more vigorous in September China logistics industry boom index for 53.3%
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 China Federation of logistics and purchasing released today in September,China's logistics industry boom index (LPI) was 53.3%, up 0.4 percentage points from the previous month. 12 sub indices are maintained at more than 50%,which, in addition to the average inventory, inventory turnover, main business cost and business expectations index, the index has rebounded, means that thelogistics activities are strong, the logistics industry to maintain stable and relatively fast economic growth.

China Logistics Information Center Deputy Director He Hui said, September logistics industry boom index rose slightly, reflecting the logistics economic activity continued stable development trend rise. Business volume index,equipment utilization rate and the employment index link picks up, showing thelogistics activity is more vigorous. Watch industry, driven by the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day holiday factor, express logistics business index rose more than 10 percentage points; the increase in demand and reform to promote, the railway logistics continue to maintain upward trend. The new orders index continued to rise, adumbrative needs based entity economy development, the logistics industry to further solid.

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