Electric into aviation logistics the biggest opportunity
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With the development of market economy, the logistics industry has a terminalindustry of the past, to guide the production, promote the pilot industryconsumption. Modern logistics is the modern transportation as the key point,take the information technology as the support, to the modern manufacturing industry and commercial based, feature set system, informatization and standardization, informationization is the core of modern logistics. From the point of view of information construction, Chinese logistics enterprises are still in therelatively primitive, low-level stage. According to statistics, has been implementedor partial facts information enterprises accounted for only 21%, only 10% of the full implementation of enterprise information. In the whole industry supply chain,between the enterprise and the downstream flow of information not get through,the circulation link multi lead to circulation Benju Chen does not fall high, this is because a lot of logistics enterprise information construction level is relatively low, caused by poor information. In 2009 the State Council issued the "logistics industry restructuring and revitalization plan". Actively promote the enterprise logistics management information, promote the extensive application of information technology. The development of logistics information technology standards and standard of information resources as soon as possible, establishlogistics information collection, processing and sharing mechanism. Speed up the construction industry logistics public information platform, the establishment of a national highway transportation information network and public information system of air cargo, and other transportation and service information network.To promote the construction of regional logistics information platform, logisticsplatform to encourage the sharing of information between city. Speed up the construction of the morning, financial, tax, customs, inspection and quarantine,postal, transport, rail transport, air transport and business managementdepartments of government logistics management and service of publicinformation platform, supporting a number of logistics information services to business growth. In 2011 the State Council based in "the logistics industry restructuring and revitalization plan" of the office of the State Council, issued "on promoting the healthy development of the logistics industry policy advice", which clearly pointed out that to promote the logistics technology innovation and application, to strengthen the independent research and development of new logistics technology, key technology research key support cargo tracking, radio frequency identification, logistics information platform, the intelligent transportation, logistics management software, mobile logistics information service etc.. China logistics information demand is still dominated by the basic information base, mainly because of the small and medium-sized logisticsenterprises in China accounted for a larger proportion, however, there have been more and more logistics enterprises due to lower costs, enhance the competitiveness of the demand, the optimization of information focus to business process and management process, and the usual optimization in the aspects ofproduction, such as warehouse management, transportation management,distribution management. Overall, China's logistics enterprises in the informationtechnology, process optimization, supply chain management is on three levelsare from the shallower to the deeper of steady development, after which a phase often previously stage as a starting point. Because of the logistics industry in China started late, and very much hope that the use of information means to play the advantage, the informationization colleagues three stage propulsion, in a relatively short period of time through the international leader in decades ofdevelopment road. Logistics enterprises across this type of informationdevelopment needs, in great need of communication industry to provide a variety of business enterprise to integral types and mode of operation of the solutions to meet the needs of various communication enterprises, the colleague, to realize the effective management of logistics information, as well as to the people,vehicles, cargo business process reengineering and transportation processeffective coordination and management.

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